Thursday, 12 May 2011

12th May 2011

           Another good 10 miles this lunchtime, started with my 3 mile Cardio, uphill climb of 300mtrs+ without much respite, then back onto my 8.5m course which is just up and down, no flat bits at all. 1h 45, so speed picking up. Training every day now to get some distance fitness up. The body doesn't have chance to build up glycogen reserve levels so needs to burn into fat reserves, the body learns to find other forms of nutrition. I'm able to do this because high water is about 6am, so on ship for four am, finish by seven am, and the rest of the day to myself.

       My coach was in touch today, there is an Inter Area race meeting in Tamworth (I had to look it up, just off the M6 north of Birmingham) a week on Sunday and I'm in the Northern area 10k team if I'm available, I'll have to have a word with work to see if I can sort something out as I'm on standby that day.

      I'm going through my final equipment check at the moment, clothes, food, first aid kit, etc. Some of the things I use are only available online, and I don't want to leave anything til last minute, that's the way to go without on the day. I'll blog a list of my first aid kit soon, once I've got it all together, It's something I've put together over the previous four Parishes and seen me right through other races. realistically, most (hopefully all) of the things in the first aid kit won't be used, but if you need a dab of savlon, or a blister plaster, it's not good to go to other support crews holding out the begging bowl.
      Clothing and shoes, you should have pretty much all your kit by now, if anything looks as if it's close to wearing out then now's the time to replace it. Don't start the race with anything new. It'll mock you all the way round with its fresh and cutting chaffiness, and have you cursing that old but comfortable pair of shorts or t-shirt that didn't look brilliant but fitted snugly.  And if you're going all the way, then you need spare kit. I still apologise to Helen in 2008 for sending her back to Peel in the middle of the night for a dry pair of socks. You feel guilty for sending them, and you're without support while they drive back for your forgotten kit.

      One final thing. Regrettably, Helen isn't doing the Parish this year, at least not yet, although she has weeks to enter. (only joking Murray, is it 5 days? Not long anyway. It only seems like 5 minutes since I was entering, but that was November. Time flies.) It does mean I'm teamless, as there are only two of us now. if anyone wants someone who's finished before, and has a good chance of finishing again, the e-mail address is above right. I've never been in a team before, but feel if others are relying on me, it'll give me an added incentive to drag my sorry arse over the finish line.
     Gotta go now, at work at 6am, if it doesn't cancel with the wind.


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