Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday 26th November.

I'm living in Ulverston at the moment, a small market town between Barrow in Furness and Windemere. I've been working out of Barrow on the windfarm at Walney offshore for the last 10 months, staying in a flat that used to be part of the old Laurel and Hardy Museum in the centre of Ulverston. It's handy because as soon as I'm out of the front door I'm on an uphill climb of over 300 metres in 3 miles which is perfect for fitness and cardio training. Out the door, and set the timer for 30 mins, get as far as possible, and try and push it a bit further every day. I have a heart rate monitor for the cardio, so try and push the rate over 160 for the full 30 minute climb to increase the lactose tolerance levels. then its a 25 minute (it's downhill) trip back down. An hour round trip three or four times a week.

Ulverston twinned with Albert France. Don't know who he was...

          Unfortunately my time here in the lakes finishes at the end of the year, the Humber has become busier so it's back to the old life. I could have stayed here full time but it would have meant re-locating the family, and as my wife is just settling in at work, and the girls are midway through their GCSE's, it wasn't worth it. I'll be swapping the southern lakes for the Yorkshire wolds training ground.
          I also have longer training walks, 5, 8 and 12 miles, all timed, and all with decent climbs and descents, and finally 10.3 miles from the flat to the office in Barrow which is done on a regular basis. try and arrive within 2 hours. There is a small diversion I take to pass the Rhinos and Giraffes at South Lakeland wildlife Park, and about 30 minutes in I peak a small hill and get a glimpse of the Isle of Man. On a clear day at least. 

         Today was fine and clear so as I was clear of work it was a quick drive up to Coniston, about 20 minutes, park up,  then up the Old Man of coniston, at around 2800 feet quite a big one. I've been resting for a week since my last 10k in York as I felt a slight twinge on my right hamstring, not a grade 1 but a warning. I've had a few problems with it since the Parish which I'll go over at a later date. Suffice to say, any twinge, and it's ice, rest  and elevation. Annoying because a few friends were doing a night climb earlier this week and I had to miss out. Sunset from the top of Scafell is said to be spectacular and the startlit sky difficult to describe. Possibly next week. Anyway, no twinges froim the hamstring so prevention is better than cure.

         Ulverston has a dickensian weekend over the next couple of days which means the whole town changes into victorian mode, so it's training in Pantaloons and a top hat. But out for a couple of walks hoping the snow stays away. We've been lucky so far...
 On top of the Old Man of coniston. Cold!


  1. Good start to the blog, Richard. Keep it up and I've no doubt we'll see you in June

  2. Thanks. Still a little nervous about doing this, but if it helps me or anyone else it'll be worthwhile.
    Definitely see everyone at the start, and mean to get across a few times for training "on site" a few times beforehand.
    Hope this years a record breaker.

  3. Anonymous #2.

    Just the thoughts of Oak Road, Picky Park, Mappleton Grove and OPE make my knees creak in pain nowadays.

    Never finished the Parish, Jurby being my best so far due to knees. Still they're probably not quite as bad as Mr Bullards !!

    I thought I'd retired but reading your blog inspires me to one last go before i'm 50.