Monday, 22 November 2010

          I have completed the Parish 4 times now, from my first steps into the unknown in 2007 up to this summer when I was still stumbling into the unknown! During that time I have had to learn along the way, not having anyone to really learn from except my neice, Helen Taylor from Peel, who luckily for me is a dedicated personal trainer, and who had at that time had completed the Parish in 2001. Helen served me well as support crew during my first two. If she hadn't locked the car door climbing out of Maghauld that first time and refused to let me in I might never have finished...
        In the blog I will be going over all the tips and methods I have picked up, whether through trial and error, passed on by others, my trainer, or from my association with the University of Hull Sports Science department who regularly hitch me up to their machines and tell me to stop eating chips.

       I've also lost around 4 stone in weight in that time, picking up dieting experience and will also pass this on. There isn't really any secret about successful weight loss, but lots of it needs research which I've done over the years. My wife successfully lost "A little weight" (If I put how much she'll not speak to me again!) over the same time using my methods. It's not just weight loss, also healthy eating and preparing for races.
       Anything I do write will be all my own opinion and research though, anything taken from elsewhere will be acknowledged, and I'm not saying it's either a. Correct, or b. Good for everyone, so any help, comments or corrections are most welcome and will also be acknowledged. I'm partly here to find help in my own preparation as well as passing on what I've collated over the last 4 years.
       Also, I want to make the blog interesting and entertaining, so any contributions are also warmly welcomed.
       Finally, through competing in the Parish I have worked as a volunteer with Macmillan Cancer Support, raising thousands of pounds personally and regularly working with Humberside branch in many different ventures. I have set up a "just giving" webpage link on this page, and would be grateful for any contributions. Also any questions about Macmillan and the work they do are welcome. I have trained in giving lectures so could bore you for hours! If anyone wants me to turn up and give a lecture on the work of Macmillan, I only require tea and biscuits.

Thanks, and catch you later!

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