Sunday, 5 June 2011

5th June 2011

        The three week mark has come and gone, and time's upon us now, if you haven't done any training then it's pretty much too late. A good week, all told, a few hours towards the end of the week heat acclimatising, and a weekends rest as Helen came across from the Island with kevin and the kids, stopping off here before doing a tour of Englands theme parks. Still, a quick 5 mile before breakfast yesterday just to get the heart ticking over for the weekend, and I know I said I was now teetotal until the start but I brew my own wine as a hobby and had a few bottles here which needed testing. I tested the Borolo, red wine is scientifically proven to be good for the heart (although I think it's 1 to 2 glasses, not bottles...) Helen the white Zinfandel rose, and some pinot grigio went as well. The advantage of home brewed wine, if done properly, is that it has no artificial additives or preservatives, so avoiding hangovers the next morning. So, when they left for Alton Towers, I got out my trainers and went out on my 11 mile circuit, 1h, 50 mins, although one mistake. I want to save my 2 pairs of trainers nicely broke in, for race day. It wouldn't do to do a final 100 miles in the next couple of weeks and have the arse fall out of them at the last minute with no time to get a new pair worn in. Recommendations are about 500 miles for a good fitting pair of trainers according to most experts, and as I've no tachometer on the shoes I don't wanna take no risks.
        Back of the wardrobe, amongst a few pairs of my wifes unused shoes, a pair of Newish Nike airs, so out they came. I don't remember them being there, but they're size 10 so must be mine. At the end of eleven miles though, what I thought was a slight irritation turned out to be a bliter on the right achilles which had filled my heel with blood. I suppose that's why they went into the wardrobe originally to be ignored. No problem though, a sticky plaster should suffice, but it does go to show what can happen if the gear you start the Parish with isn't comfortable and welcoming like an old friend.

         Numbers are through, number 8 for me, which is nice as it's my youngest daughters "lucky" number. The publishing of the programme brings it all a bit closer. Speaking to Kevin, Helens other half, he was asking what should be done in these final 20 days or so. The simple answer is, I don't know. Everyone has some sort of routine, lots of people don't have much time for last minute training with work and such things and with the TT on, the roads will be dangerous. If you have been training and your fitness has benefitted from it, then easing back won't hurt at all. The final week should be easy, gentle strolls and such like just to keep circulation going, allowing damage from training to heal, and building up body glycogen levels with healthy carbs.

        Helen, (bless her, but it's all about fitness and training. She can't just sit and watch the telly like us normal people!) had me doing kettlebell exercises this morning. Something I was vaguely aware of, but had not imagined would help anyone apart from someone new to exercise, or mug enough to pay for lessons and gear. I was shown to be wrong though, and felt a little sore, which is unusual for so little exercise. So I'll be doing some kettle bell workouts to help. Especially good for abs, back and legs, and especially core strength/stamina. I'm just using 5 litre drums full of waterwith handles on though, not paying all that money for something you can imitate for free. I am from Yorkshire...

Cheap and easy kettlebell substitutes. And when you get fed up after three sessions they don't end up in the cupboard with the karate outfit, keyboard, roller skates and other paraphernalia we all think of taking up and then giving up when we find out nothing is easy.

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