Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April 2011

            Well, a wonderful day for all sporting exploits, be it marathons, 50k's or whatever, warm dry and sunny with light winds. The Sara Killey was a good precurser for the parish in 10 weeks time, an indication of how hot it could be, and good reason to get out training in the warm weather.

        A bit hectic for me, around midnight last night whilst towing an 800 ton monopile out to the new walney windfarm, we were told this morning's job was cancelled due to mechanical problems, so off the tug and on my bike (I had left the car to start exercising again, a lovely night for cycling!) and back to Ulverston in the early hours for some sleep and mild panic. So, after preparing meticulously, when it all seemed to go down the pan yesterday morning, I pigged out on fish and chips, and then a tough hilly midnight 2 hour cycle ride, panic, not enough sleep, then a three hour drive down the M6 and M62 to Sheffield to arrive with little time to warm up. I pulled something at the top of my left quad trying to warm up too quickly, a sharp pain which wasn't good, then away we go.

       I must say it was a good venue and race, around the upper tier of the stadium which was very busy with the local Lord Mayors athletics event, a mini olympics which had a great atmosphere and was well attended. It was warm, and the race was fast, but, surprisingly, I knocked nearly 4 minutes off my personal best for 3rd place in the Northern, with 56m 15s. After 3 one hour sessions of fast twitch muscle training. I looked at my garmin after a couple of laps and saw I was doing 8m 35 a mile, despite the pain in the quad. So, a big stupid grin, another trophy, and a reasonably healthy 10k time at last. Now I can concentrate on the longer distances, and work on sub 55mins next winter.

       The race was held in conjunction with the Jeff Ford memorial 10k, a National race, in which I was happily 6th overall. Wth 12 walkers under 60 minutes, a good race, and one which a month ago I would have struggled to finish 12th. So now, once a week, I'll be doing the new exercises to develop speed.

      Had a few texts and e-mails from friends who have done the Sara Killey 50k, and the London Marathon. all seem pleased with their times, (some with the fact that they finished, but like I say, set a goal and if you achieve it, all's well. You can always set a higher target next time. from little acorns etc.) which can only help confidence and fitness for further endeavours. I think the Sara Killey would have been better for me as preparation for the Parish, and good luck to those who did so and step out after the 50k on their next training walk with a little more confidence. The sub 1hr 10k was bugging me, maybe I let it get too important in my mind. The coaches said I was a long distance walker and maybe it was out of my reach, just live with what I've done already etc etc, but I had to do it. I set a goal, now it's out of the way, time to set another goal.

     Now, a nice green tea with Ginger to flush out the bloodstream, a warm bath, then off to work. If you're stood on Douglas Prom about 11pm, and see a tug and tow over to the east, give us a wave... 

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