Tuesday, 19 April 2011

19th April 2011

         Good evening. Looking at the UK weather and the dire offerings on telly this evening, no doubt most of you will be out taking advantage and putting a few foot miles on the clock, from my contacts on the Island, parish walkers can be seen out training most evenings which can only be a good thing. In Hull, on evenings like this, most people are walking... to the nearest beer garden!
         Reading Murrays report on the Sara Killey Memorial 50k, it seemed a fast and interesting event, well done to Michael George, and also Richard Gerrard, obviously out to beat his fourth place in last years Parish. Hopefully the injuries to Jock and Vinny are soon cleared up, everyone wants to see the big names on the day.
         The weather was perfect this morning for something I'd wanted to do for a while, lightish easterly winds and warm water, for my first windsurfing lesson! 10mph winds were enough to get me moving but not too strong not to control. I picked it up fairly quickly, I learned to sail as a teenager through school, and have kept it up on and off ever since so the dynamics of the sport were no problem although I usually prefer to be out on the water with an engine. Windsurfing is like sailing without the boat to sit in, just a board to stand on. The training I'd been doing for race walking, fell walking and the Parish gave me stamina necessary and a good balance, although I have aching shoulders, back and legs as it uses all the muscles, especially when the board moves about unexpectedly. Great fun too, it won't be long before I'm out again hopefully, even though I didn't pick up too much speed, I can see why people do it.

       I cycled there and back, thirty miles altogether, not my favourite method of transport really unless there's no wind at all, cycling against a strong wind isn't much fun in my opinion. Today wasn't too bad though, and it does help in fitness. No work this afternoon so as the sun was shining through the skylights I was eventually tempted off the settee and out on my 10 mile medium hilly circuit, just trying to keep up 5mph/12 mins per mile. I hadn't felt the pull at the top of my left quad I'd suffered in Sunday's race but at the same time didn't want to push it too far. The aches from the mornings exhertions made themselves felt after an hour or so, especially up the hills, so see what tomorrow brings, depending on how I feel, it's either a rest day or fast twitch exercises.

      Less than ten weeks to go, with the rushing around at the weekend I'd missed the ten weeks to go mark on Saturday morning, and it's rushing by quite quickly. Also, the final week is mainly rest and injury prevention, which makes it even less. So, time to start sorting out travel, equipment and other details, can't leave these thing too late, especially as I have to have everything ready nearly a week beforehand before coming across on the wednesday.

     I'll finish this now as I have to go to work, high waters at one in the morning and they're taking advantage of the calm weather to get as much done as possible, I'll leave you with a picture taken this afternoon of a buffalo scratching his arse on a tank. He was doing it again, although this time I had my phone to take a photo, so apologies for the poor quality. There are two emu's in the field as well as a few wooly pigs, but getting them all in the same shot would take some timing. Eventually one day maybe. I haven't met the owner of the field yet, I was wondering if the buffalo were there to stop people climbing on the tank, they are scary looking with those big horns.


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