Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15th March 2011

           It's been a good day. I got up at five am, was on board ship at 6am, got a lot of unusual glances from the Russian Captain who thought he recognized me... he did, I was on board the same ship sailing from Immingham about 6 weeks ago. After getting him out of the dock, turning the ship around in an incredibly tight space, and getting it out to sea perfectly well, he realized I could be a Pilot in two places. I was finished and back in the office by nine thirty. He's off to Belfast, I'm in my car and back to Ulverston and off for the rest of the day.

This was my "taxi" back ashore at 8am this morning. Following me to take me back home. Not very inviting, I know, but the alternative is a boat trip to Belfast!

        So, quick breakfast, or maybe not so quick as, thanks to earlier communications I'm strictly avoiding using the microwave to do my breakfast porridge/fruit/protein shake. (More washing up, grrrr) then its out to do an 8.5 mile loosener, then a timed 8.5mile which, surprisingly, as I was race walking despite the hills, beat my record for the circuit by over a minute. So, 17 miles done. A few hours rest in which I made some more ginger flapjacks for future training, and some yoga and stetching, then out for some 20k training. I found some relatively flat road, doing some sprints of 1k, rest and stretch, 1k at race speed, more stretching, 1k at race speed and so on. Feeling pretty good despite being up above the cloud line so I'm in what looked like fog getting wet, but it kept me out of view from other people, training in Hull makes me self conscious. I don't like poeple pointing at me calling me a "mincing poofter" Especially as they don't realise how difficult it is to race walk.

Ulverston from my vantage point 15 minutes into my "Cardio Hill Session" at a point 150 metres above sea level. It's not a good photo, but photo's are not as good as real life. It looked nice.

       Back for a good evening meal, fresh mackerel stewed in white wine and olive oil with vegetables, and a three mile warm down afterwards to finish off.
      Looking over it, I know it looks too much, but it's been an exceptional day in which it felt good, so I've got to make the most of it. I might be tired and bored tomorrow so might not get out at all. I was going to pick a mountain and get to the top today but the low cloudline stopped that.
      Anyway, (I seem to be starting too many sentences with "anyway") I got back, opened my e-mails, and got one from my coach urging me on for the 20k at Leeds a week on Sunday, as I was in with a chance of  taking part in the 2012 Olympic time trial at the end of May on the course used for the Olympic race on the Mall in London. In front of thousands of people! Think of it, a chance to make a fool of myself in front of lots, and lots, and lots... of people. But really, a chance to take part in an Olympic time trial, at the age of 47, is not something to pass up. Considering that just 18months ago I was one of nearly 1600 people just hoping to finish the Parish, it's unreal what a little training and determination can do. I actually wrote "what a little training and self belief can do" there, but had to scrub it out because I have no self belief, never have. I have just worked out that If I do finish under 2 hours in Leeds on the 27th, and get to the Olympic time trials, it will be only my 13th ever race. Including the 3 10k races and the nationals this year. Now that is scary. Still, it proves that.
1. If I can do it, anyone can.
2. Even if you are not very good, you can do things that can change your life. Just taking part can be amazing, and if you beat your own personal goal, your life will be better.
3. If you enjoy it, why not do it, whatever it is. Whatever makes you feel good can only make you a better person.
      These things work in all forms of life. I now look at life's problems and ask myself, "How can I tackle this" not, "Can I get someone to sort this out for me?"'

     On my first 8.5mile loosener I saw a buffalo scratching its arse on a tank. A real tank, camoulflaged and everything. I reached for my camera, but found I had forgotten it, so it's a sight only I will see. Reminds me to take my camera everywhere. Do'h!

    Whatever you do, enjoy, and try your best.

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