Thursday, 31 March 2011

31st March 2011

      Well, it's nearly April, Race day is closing quickly, and if you haven't done any training yet, there are only a dozen panicking days left before you get on the "It's too late now" days, so get those trainers on, put down the pie, and get out into the refreshing spring evening sunshine!

      I didn't get out yesterday, so it was three days without any training after sundays race, and didn't it show today! I was up bright and early, quick breakfast and walk into work, against a westerly gale, I checked in the control tower once I arrived and it averaged 28 to 36 knots full in the face, and I still knocked nearly 4 minutes off my personal best from Ulverston to Barrow! The importance of rest in training.

     I managed to get my Garmin working again, well, the downloading bit, so lots of past things to download and sort out, including the race on Sunday. 14 laps, just under a mile a lap. Long enough so the leader only lapped me once and I managed to lap a few of the others.

             The average heart rate is a little scary, but as I didn't feel fatigued it shouldn't be a problem. A good 2 hour cardio workout really. Nearly 2000 calories in the 2 hours, burn't off  a good pound of fat! The elevation chart shows how each of the laps went, up, then down in equal distances, pretty accurately. a total of 90metres climb when the sloc is about 400 metres, shows how tough this course was. I started the race after calculating I needed 9m 45s for each mile, and looking at the results, that's what I did. The pace graph doesn't help as it just randomly up and down. GPS is more accurate the larger the measured distance as it often jumps from satellite to satellite as you swing your arms. From the little I learned at work (I slept through most of the GPS lessons at Captain's college, it was boring and unnecessary as the machines give you a position which is all you are after!) accuracy is dependant on whichever way it is pointing, as, although the satellites are geostationary, you are moving, twisting and turning. Keep turning and you lose accuracy. A friend here who does fell running ties his GPS watch to the top of his backpack so it's reasonably steady and reckons he gets a better reading.
       The picture here shows the accuracy a little, it's a close up and bird's eye view of the Track section. Now, according to this, it appears that I turned early and walked down the middle of the centre field. I know I didn't do this as there was Javelin practise going on at the time and I would know as I wouldn't be able to turn round in corridors as I would have a javelin through me. Best take the absolute accuracy with a pinch of salt, and just accept it's accurate enough to help.

       Just a little bit here for Tony, I went back and found my garmin record of doing the sloc in february.

               I was quite pleased with this, if any of you remember the 4th February this year it was windy, Westerly 5 gusting 6, rain showers, and wet greasy roads. Average 5.4mph, with a backpack, this is from the church gate at Rushen in the south (Where the bus driver kindly diverted to drop me off, with no moans from the other passengers... this could only happen on the Island!) and if I zoom in to Patrick I even did the diversion to the church gate, all the way to the Town Hall steps in Peel.
      Moving time 2h 24m 33s, despite rucksack of gear, heavy waterproofs and jeans. 13 miles overall, and to all those fearing the sloc, thinking it's uphill all the way to Peel, the Elevation graph on the bottom will be pleasant viewing. Rising for 4 miles, (The steep ballakillowey barely over a mile), then relatively downhill all the way to Peel. There are a few climbs, but they are relatively short.
      Everyone who is attempting to complete the Parish this year should try and do this section at least once so when you approach around lunchtime on the day of the race itself you will be doing so with confidence instead of trepidation.

      Just to finish off this evening, an article in today's Sun, the advantages of Porridge for breakfast! Someone in the wapping office has been a bit lazy and based his days work on one of my earlier blogs...
      If you missed it, it recommends Porridge, cooked with milk, with a scoop of whey protein. I usually add a couple of portions of fruit, some seeds, and a pinch of sea salt to make a complete meal.
      The Sun lists (if you missed it) the advantages as;
1. Boost sex life, as it rebalances testosterone and oestrogen.
2. Quit smoking, compounds calm the nervous system and reduce nicotine craving.
3. Fight infection, proteins repair the body and boost the immune system
4. Beat heart disease, porridge fibre contains avenanthramides (no me neither!) which are chemicals  which stop blood cells sticking to artery walls preventing fat deposits.
5. Cut diabetes, by absorbing sugar in the gutcutting need for larg quantities of insulin to be produced.
6. Beat depression, as it's high in vitamin b6, which contain seratonin, promoting feeling of wellbeing.
7. Fight fat, as it has a low glycaemic index, making you feeling fuller and less likely to snack later.
8. Lower Cholesterol, as the soluble fibre by absorbing fat, binding the cholesterol in the gut to be removed.
9. Relieve Constipation, as the high fibre increases the movement of food, say no more.
10. Fight osteoporosis, the milk contains Calcium which strengthens bones. They're struggling here...
11. Cancer busting, as oats contain vitamin E protect the body from free radicals.
12. Lower blood pressure, they say it lowers blood pressure but don't explain exactly why, maybe the journalist was getting bored.
13. Live longer. Lipids found in oats contain a good balance of essential fatty acids which have been linked by american studies to longevity and good health.
        Unfortunately he stopped at 13, probably didn't count them either that or the pub was open. whatever, good reasons to change your diet in preparation for the Parish. Oh, and it doesn't work if you eat your porridge and then a full english, sort of cancels each other out there.

       Right, I'm off for a bowl of Porridge flavoured with a dash of  jack daniels, to help me sleep:-)

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