Monday, 7 March 2011

7th March 2011

           Just arrived back in Ulverston for a short visit, some work, before coming back for upping the training next week. It's a beautiful evening, and my knee is niggly after yesterdays exhertions, so annoyingly I can't get out for a walk! It is a regression on the knee injury, yesterdays race was probably a week too early. I've found that when the pain comes in, rubbing it gently with an athletics gold medal helps ease any suffering... (sorry, I'll stop going on about it now)
        Still, it's maybe for the good, I was never one for rest days so enforced rest days like this are probably for the best. The digestion is playing up, any tough race like yesterday where you are eating and drinking on the move aren't good for the digestion and it'll take a couple of days for the plumbing to sort itself out. The longer the race the more the stomach takes a beating. There are ways to deal with nutrition and keeping the food down, I'll come to that in the near future.
       Any details about the race and recent training are lost to me at the moment, I've inadvertantly locked myself out of my garmin information. Too many passwords to remember!
       No doubt many of you are out for a bit of spring sunshine training so I'll keep this one short.

Ciao for now!

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