Thursday, 17 March 2011

17th March 2011

           Another good day, up early, walked in to work, 1hr 53m compared to yesterdays 1hr 57m for the 10.2 miles, and also never got the heart rate above 147 compared to yesterdays 160. Also the calorie count was 100 less, so either improving fitness puts less strain on the heart and uses less energy or alcohol makes you dehydrated which puts pressure on the heart and burns more calories as the heart needs to work harder as there is less fluid carrying oxygen and nutrients in the blood stream. I'm hoping it's a little bit of both!
      Todays ship was cancelled, the Nuclear waste ships won't really be going anywhere in the near future due to the events in Japan. So, it was a quick chat about upcoming shipping movements over the weekend, then out and down the flat coast road for some 20k/race walk training. This involves race walking, (under 10 mins a mile) for a kilometre, slower (12 to 14 mins per mile) then a couple of minutes stretching, then repeat and repeat etc. Nice in the sunshine overlooking morecambe bay.
      So, 27 miles so far, and I was still home at just after 1pm. An afternoon cleaning, ironing, catching up on other stuff. Which didn't happen, I ended up stretching a little then a pint mug of tea and the Inbetweeners on dvd which someone had lent me and I found quite funny. Strange how 16 year olds are exactly the same as when I was 16.... 30 years ago!
       That was going to be it, but around half past four the sun shone through the skylights in the living room, all blue sky, and I felt rested so I did my 30 minute Cardio, 30 minutes to get as far as I could up the steep hill backing Ulverston, then turn round and back down again, 30 minutes with the Heart Rate at 160+. 5 miles which made 32 today, all mixed and useful. Looking back, over 80 miles in the last 3 days, which is maybe pushing it a little, so a day off tomorrow. I've got to be on board a ship at 7.30 in the morning, so I'll go in the car, which I resent when I've got a good parking space just around the corner. I'll be done by lunchtime, so it's a day on the couch, protein shakes, and maybe a gentle stroll in the evening up Hoad Hill.
      One thing I noticed, about an hour into my walk early this morning I noticed my knee was normal, no twinge, pain or anything. Noticeable by its absence. I've not had anything from it all day, so maybe it needed working out and strengthening up? Who knows, I just hope it's gone for good.
      And all you workers out there who grumble that there's no time after work for training, tonight it was still walking strength daylight until 7pm, so 5 miles in the evening is possibly before dark now, and it's only going to be better.
      No excuses now. Just a warning, if you keep putting the training off, delaying, or just deciding "next week" (which never comes) is good enough, and then you try and walk 85 miles in June, you're going to fail.
     And end up in a bucket load of pain.

     Go on, put your trainers on and get out for a walk.

Just a final note, from the Yorkshire Telegraph and Argus.

Glory for Yorkshire Race Walking Club

6:34pm Monday 14th March 2011

The Bradford-based Yorkshire Race Walking Club caused the biggest upset in years when they lifted the National Ten-Mile Team Championship at Coventry.
Individual winner was Alex Wright of Belgrave Harriers, with Bradford Walk winner Paul Evennett (Redcar WC) in fourth place.
The local club was led home by 16-year-old Nathan Duncan, a comparitive newcomer to the sport, in 11th position. He was admirably backed up by Colin Scott (14th) and Richard Spenceley (18th).


Nathan is an up and coming race walker, too young for this years 20k Olympic trials, apparently you have to be 21. He will be attempting to get to the Young Persons Commonwealth Games in September, which this year will be taking place on a small island in the Irish Sea called, (shuffle papers as if looking for an easily forgetful name) Ah, yes, here it is... the Isle of Man. So, hopefully I won't be the only Yorkshire R.W.C member on the island this year.


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