Monday, 13 December 2010

13th December 2010.

Learned my hamstring problem in my right leg which has kept my walking down to a minimum over for the last few weeks is not a hamstring problem at all! When I've been walking I've slowed up as the pain started, to ease off and give it a chance. It never seemed to get better, although at the same time didn't get worse. When the pain started down my calf though, I seeked help. It seems now that it is a sciatic problem, and with manipulation, stretching, yoga and massage will right itself. This gave me an opportunity to get out and put a few miles on over the weekend, especially taking advantage of the mild spell, and with high water in Barrow during the early afternoon, I've been able to walk to work and back for the last three days, 60 plus miles altogether, metabolism kicking off again, a few pounds dropped that had crept on and feeling much better. Because I've just been doing gentle walking the muscles have had a much better rest than I would normally have allowed, which is an advantage. All the injuries I got over last summer, hamstrings, groin strain, abdominal and the blisters have pretty much healed, so gently picking up and strengthening again, hopefully learning from last years mistakes.

The cold snap is due to return soon, and even though I feel fine I won't be walking into work today. Rest is just as important as training, so protein shakes, ginger tea and car to work today, even though, as I sit in the traffic jam, I'm wishing I was walking!  
No partucular reason for this one, I pass this horse on the way to work near Dalton, it just looks like it has a blonde wig and ginger moustache. Makes me smile, wondering whether the horse is in hiding, or the owner is just trying to make it look prettier...

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