Friday, 17 December 2010

17th December 2010.

Sat at work waiting for a ship to finish loading and surfing the web, (slang for bored?) passing the time. Had a job this morning and finished about 8ish, and got another one this evening, so had a few hours to spare, a couple of us packed some butties and a flask and drove round to Black Coomb, the most South Westerly of the mountains here. 600 metres, 1950 feet, and quite steep depending on which direction you approach it from, and with a chill NE wind, the steep option was the warmer, more sheltered one. If you look across from Douglas prom it is the closest, and first from your right.
Steep ascent, Barrow and Walney Island in the background.
Parked up at Whitbeck church (had a strange urge to run across and touch the church gate!) and pushed on. it seems this is about the only place in Britain which doesn't have snow today. Took an hour or so to get to the top, burning calves and quads, and a good Cardio workout. Minus two at sea level, in the chill NE wind it was minus 10 C at the top! Had to change t-shirts, which was brisk to say the least but necessary as you sweat on the way up but not on the way down, liable to freezing, not very comfortable. Also had the unusual feeling of sweating into my wooly hat which then froze to my hair, next time I must remember to take a spare hat or two.

Lunch at the summit, Scafell with snow on top in the distance.

Snow is coming, so don't know how much walking we can do over the next few days, I suppose we have to make the most of it. I'm just hoping the motorways are clear next Thursday so I can make it home.
Good luck to everyone taking part in  the Islands winter season 10k on sunday, don't forget to warm up!

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