Sunday, 5 December 2010

5th January 2010

Looking at photo's of this mornings Peel to Douglas walk, wishing I'd been there. Had a 10k with Yorkshire Race Walking Club planned this morning which is why I hadn't come across for it, but York is still under 3 feet of snow so cancelled. Almost phoned Steam Packet yesterday but thought P2D would have been iced off as well.
For anyone who has done it this morning and achieved their target, well done, and I can pass on one of my tips:
Ginger tea. Dice up a piece of ginger root about the size of a stock cube into small as possible pieces, put into a saucepan in about a pint of boiling water and simmer for ten minutes. Pour into a cup with a couple of spoons of honey, stir and drink, and eat the ginger. The ginger has a few properties, post exercise it reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, reducing pain and helping speed up recovery. It also helps digestion (I'll have a couple of bottles of iced ginger tea with me during the Parish), assists rehydration, helps fight germs which cause colds and flu amongst others, is scientifically proven anti carcinogenic... and is an ideal hangover cure!
Oh, and if you're off on the ferry, it prevents sea sickness.


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