Tuesday, 15 February 2011

15th February 2011, reply to response.

Starting training in March

       At the moment I'm concentrating on developing my race walk, and taking part in 10k's, so most of the training is speed and style for shorter races. It's not as if I'm lying on the couch eating pies and looking at my cobweb covered trainers saying, maybe I'll start next week... I've kept up the walking over the winter so have the underlying fitness as well. After the National 10 miles I will have a short rest, then back to the Lakes for long distance training. It's not starting training I'll be doing, just changing styles of training, distance and endurance rather than sprinting and Cardio. I'll be out pretty much every day as well, so to start too early will probably lead to burn out. I started January last year and probably peaked too soon, and keeping a high level of fitness over a long periods of time rather than peaking and troughing leads to more injuries. The University advised me that the fitness levels need to come down regularly to allow the body to repair and recover.  Maybe having to rest with a knee injury is a help rather than a hindrance. I find it difficult not to get out walking every day.
By all means, January is fine, but most people don't train every day, maybe a couple of times a week. I get out every day, 20 miles regularly rather than rarely, so reaching a peak doesn't take too long.
      I've also still got a lot of mountains to climb. Why? Apparently, "because they're there!"

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