Friday, 4 February 2011

4th February 2011

              A god training session this morning, although windy and drizzly, got down to Rushen Church by 10am, having to go via douglas first, but was sufficiently warmed up and set off trying to keep a moderate but steady pace. The Garmin did it's job wonderfully, and I was able to keep to steady 11 minute miles pretty much all the way. 10k came up at 63.25mins, which was a great boost as it was mostly uphill for that, possibly one of the toughest 10k's to do! It dropped in after the round table just near the rushen plantation, with some tail winds, and also some head winds with the unusual way the hills and valleys funnel the onshore gales.
       Anyway, 13.08 miles, from church to Peel Town Hall, (including the small diversion for Patrick church, was going to go direct, but when I saw the phone box I felt it wouldn't be right.) in 2 hours 27 minutes, 5.3mph, a good time for some tough uphills, and now I have it in my gps it will come up next time and let me push on and beat it. Feeling a few minor aches and pains as well, which is a good thing, as it means I'm benefitting from it. The Sciatic/hamstring was most noticable by it's abscence, which means hopefully that Dawne's massaging and stretching has done the trick. I'm going home feeling much better mentally, with the end of the hamstring pain which at times worried me that it might be something permanent, and with the good training times on which to build. I've also dropped a few pounds which is an added bonus as I'm now close to my Parish weight of last year, and still have a few pounds I can lose.
     All in all a good trip, very worthwhile.

     Bumped into a couple of people on the sloc. Tony, who I dropped in beside and was worried about his speed, was doing 14 minute miles which is good for uphill, over 4mph, and should be more confident. Another entrant? I hope so.
     Also the chap who I spotted from the top of Ballikillowey and gave me something to catch up to, and just as I cought him at the sloc turn itself, decided it was too windy and turned back down. Have another go.

     Many thanks also to the car drivers who helpfully slowed down without impatience and often a smile, and the ones who bibbed their horns and waved. I take it as a sign of welcome and encouragement, something you don't see as much of on the mainland and which gives the Island it's uniqueness. Anyone out there who's driving and sees someone training in the wilds, possibly looking a little rough, try giving a beep and a thumbs up. All encouragement is good and could gee someone up into doing that extra bit.

      I was going to finish off my training walk week with a 10 mile Western 10 in the morning, but as I have a 10k on sunday morning, after todays ehxertions, maybe just rest from now, with a few stretches to help ease the muscles.


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