Saturday, 19 February 2011

19th Februaury 2011

          Finished work yesterday and have a week off, although still feeling the knee. So, it's catch up time on other tasks, maybe visit the gym a couple of times, have a go at the garden, it's been neglected a bit over the past year.
Last job yesterday, 72,000 ton Chemtrans Sea passes Spurn Point, inwards towards Immingham.

          The knee has been generating heat, feeling warm to the touch which is a good thing, means its healing itself, as the blood carries vital properties to the area and fix the problem. I'm adding heat packs to it again, to aid the healing process. In injuries like this, it's vital when it first occurs to apply ice packs, as the initial stages of the injury involve swelling which the cold packs help reduce. After the swelling has eased though, heat packs help open the capilliaries and allow the blood to circulate freely and bring vital proteins which assist in healing. So cold to reduce swelling initially, and heat when the swelling has gone to assist healing.
         Oh, and plenty of protein, so daily protein shakes.
         It's feeling better, the pain easing and I'm walking a little more freely, but it's a way to go yet. I was down for a ten mile race at Dunnington near York, tomorrow, I'll probably still go to cheer the others on, and have a chat with my coach to get any helpful tips on healing dicky knees. Meanwhile, more importantly, away to Ipswich today, following the Tigers on their push for promotion. It's a big test today, Ipswich are on a good run since changing managers, so it'll be a tough test.


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