Sunday, 20 February 2011

20th February 2011

            I was at Dunnington, near York, today, for the North of England 10 miles championship. Unfortunately I was just watching, although the knee is feeling better, I now can't get rid of the limp! I had chats with the judges on the course and also mine, and other, coaches. Picked up a few tips and learned a few things. I also got a chance to watch some good north of England race walkers. The winner, despite having an unusual style that definitely wouldn't work for me finished in just over 78 minutes. He is training for the 50k though, is very fast, and has been ahead of me in a few races this winter. Myself, I would have been happy to finish in 95 minutes, which would have got me a decent place.
          I just wanted to get out there and race though...

         Psychologically, my brain and body is scared that if I put any weight on it, it'll collapse underneath me and I'll be out for months. That's why I can't speed up and do a race walk in training, or even a normal walk without a slight limp, which comes from me not wanting to put any weight on and therefore favouring my left leg. That's what I was told anyway. I'm off out for a walk in the morning, I have a good support bandage for my right knee, and if all goes well, then a few more days of "see how it goes".  Over two weeks of rest should have done the trick.
        The Nationals are on 6th March, in Coventry, and my coach wants me to be the fourth for Yorkshire, so I have something to work towards, and I'll know more after tomorrow.

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