Friday, 18 February 2011

18th February 2011

           A frustrating time ahead. I've just got to do a job tomorrow afternoon, then I'm off until after next weekend. Normally it's a time to make a few butties and fill a flask and head off into the Yorkshire Dales for a few miles of contemplation, sightseeing and extreme exercise, but now that I have to rest and just flex the knee for a few miles a day, then I'm afraid it's going to be more blogging, so be prepared for some blather on here!
          I suppose it's a good chance to go over preparation, what to put in the car before you set off. I've had a few times of panic, me walking and asking my support crew, "what do you mean, there are no ginger nuts in the back.... I want one now!" There are things you need, want, fancy when hours into a race, and essentials, which, as their name implies, are essential. And also a chance to go over what to eat and drink over the 85 miles. As I've said before, it's all pretty much personal. Some people can eat solids, some liqiuids, some can sit down for a three course meal at Jurby before carrying on, each to there own, but I can explain the scientific need for food and drink so can help you plan with some degree what is a good idea and what's bad. I suppose for anyone reading and planning, my dodgy knee will be helpful. I'm personally passing through a phase of wondering if my knee will ever get better, so it's a bad time for me. I'm supposed to be back in the Lakes in a couple of weeks and if I can't walk, then it's months sat in a flat looking at mountains I can't climb. Depressing.
        Still, there are four months, nearer six to the Roubaix, so hopefully knees will fix themselves and I'll be running up Scafell Pike before the months out. Whatever, I'll be on the Island for the Parish, participating or not. I'll also keep  up the blog. If I can help just one person over the line then it'll be worth it.

       Happy Training, (Grrrrr.....)

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