Monday, 28 February 2011

28th February 2011

      Once again it's monday evening, eastenders half hour... this week seems to have gone by so quickly! Next thing it'll be April fools day and we'll be wondering where March has gone, then May, etc, etc. Still, Ive been out walking, warming up more than normal, stretching, walking 5 miles though not too quickly, around 55 minutes, then extra warming down. A little pain from the knee and feeling a little creaky all over after doing nothing much for three weeks or so. Still, I've been cycling an hour a day into work and kept up the diet so I should be okay for the Nationals on Sunday. I'm only making up the numbers for the Yorkshire team, just hoping to finish in under two hours to get some race practise in and get a team result. I'm still mindful that pushing too far might damage the knee again and it's a long drive back from Coventry.

     My 5 mile circuit in Hull is pretty flat, although the lead up to the bridge over the River Hull is a gradual uphill for 500 metres, and back down the same distance on the other side. The arms swinging are as much part of a quick walk as the legs, they help like a pendulum, swinging opposite the legs and opposing the weight of the legs, to keep the centre of gravity as steady as possible. This goes some way to explain a wiggly race walk, as the steadier through the air the centre of gravity travels, the less strain is put on the leg muscles, and the smoother and easier the walking action. Uphill though, the steps are shorter with the arms lifted a little giving shorter arm swings, and downhill, the opposite, longer strides and lower arms. That's what my coach says anyway, and the River Hull bridge gives me a chance to practise this until I get back to the lakes.

     After the weekend another few days rest and then planning for the next big one, the Bradford Whit Walk in May, a tough 35km race, good preparation for the Parish, got a 3rd place from last year to defend. Mind you, I'm known now, so the competition will be tougher.

     Got to go now, Coronation Street's on.


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