Sunday, 16 January 2011

16th January 2010

      Back in Ulverston for the weekend, a couple of jobs done, and a chance to do some touristy things with friends, (friends who unfortunately came here for the museums and pubs... definitely not for the walking!) So a chance for a few days rest, (from walking) got a job bringing in a nuclear waste ship in on friday, then stand-by for the weekend in case any other ships cropped up. So, got to the Laurel and Hardy museum, visited the house where Stan Laurel was born, a bit of a pub crawl, then the Motor Museum and the James Bond museum, although we didn't have time for the Keswick Pencil Museum ('h!)
Pacific Heron, Barrow Docks.

       I managed to get out on my 8.5 mile circuit at the break of dawn this morning and was surprised to see no rain at all although up at the top of the hills I walked into the clouds. I was out last night, a small sherry with the vicar and bed by nine thirty, (Lying?... Who? Me?) but any alcohol lingers in the body so was expecting to be slow. Still, it was a chance to test my new toy in the lakes so off I set. The route is only up and down, no flat bits whatsoever, but I was surprised to find it was nearly a thousand feet climb. Forgot the heart rate monitor strap so didn't get all the results, but got a good indication of my current fitness, which is better than expected, so I can afford more rest days. I don't want to peak too early this year, Build up slowly to avoid injuries.

Sun 16th, 7am training walk data

           Back to Hull in the morning, (boring, flat, industrial grey Hull. Even the name sounds flat and grey!) a week off work so maybe out to the Yorkshire Wolds, the weathers milder so a chance for a good 20 miler, and also hopefully a Coaching session in Cleethorpes. My next 10k is 6th February so three weeks to work on technique and try for a new PB. I see the cancelled 10k on the Island is in March so might try and nip across for that one, and I'm off on 31st of this month which might give me a chance to get across and do some hill training, drag Helen and her other half, Kevin, up the sloc. The poor chap has been roped in as Helen's training partner as well as entering the Parish, although he's relatively fit, a runner, so we're hoping he gets up to her speed soon. We have three quarters of a team so far, still looking for someone whose confident of finishing, (who hasn't finished yet) to make a foursome. Being in a team might give another extra incentive, can't let your teammates down. 

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