Sunday, 9 January 2011

9th January 2010

          Still suffering, keeping it under control with high strength cold and flu capsules, ginger tea and lots of drinks. I've managed to keep working but have taken an enforced rest for a couple of days which is a shame because I was due to race in a 10k in York this morning and was confident of knocking a couple of minutes off my personal best, and with my new toy I could have analyzed the race at leisure later on. My next race is not for another few weeks, maybe I can kill two birds etc and get across to the island for one of the winter walking league 10k's. I see one has been rearranged for March which might make for a quick weekend trip across, and with a couple before then maybe I'll have to start rearranging my diary. I am planning to get across for a week at the end of this month, hoping to pack some butties and a flask to do the sloc from Rushen church to Peel for a good training walk.
          Weighed myself this morning, having kept strictly to my planned diet, roughly keeping to 500 calories below daily allowance and at least 5 miles a day at 5mph, and was surprised to find I'd dropped 4 and a quarter pounds of christmas excess, so the sensible eating, daily exercise and CLA seem to be working Kerry! I have a set of the weight watchers scales which measure body fat and body water amongst others and it seems to have gone from the right areas as well. I'm keeping to the reduced calories during the week and eating normally at weekends which become a treat day. I'm unfortunate to have a metabolism which stores fat easily so it's easy for me to put the weight on, difficult to get rid, but after a while the stomach learns what's going on and it gets easier to keep to a sensible regime, after a while fast foods and fatty titbits start to become unpalatable. It was my youngest daughters 14th birthday yesterday, and she decided to order KFC for her and her friends. It's funny how being civilised in the modern era means eating food from "buckets". I did have a piece, (my only slip of the week, but it did smell tasty) but took one bite and tasted only the fat. Saturated fat at work, keeping it inexpensive, "tasty" and dangerous. It was her birthday treat though so I couldn't deny her.

          Anyway, I'm hoping to feel well enough to get out for a good 10 mile walk in the morning. I broke my MP3 player, one that I've had for years. It was old and tatty but I knew how to work it, and I'd carried it on four parish walks so I'm a little annoyed, and I've had to learn how to put podcasts on my phone. Which made my brain hurt a little.

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