Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5th January 2010

         I managed to get out for a quick trip round the block with the new "toy", (1.33miles according to the results!) and was very impressed. Loving the mile indicator, a beep and vibrate, useful if your wearing earphones, and a visible readout of speed and minutes per mile. Constant timing and heart rate information, almost too much to be honest, but i've got time to get used to it.

      As soon as I walked in the unit communicates wirelessly with the laptop and downloads the information (before I had taken my wet shoes off, almost as if it was rushing to prove a point!) and I was left with a full page with a map of the route, distance, times, heart rates, places I slowed down and sped up, elevation, (the back of the house is 2 feet lower than the front where I started my walk) and many others, all cross correlated to give graphs, tables and sheets of information I could study all day. All this from a 15 minute walk round the block! It's definitely going to be fun using it, going to give me confidence, even the walk round the block in the rain and wrapped up, not rushing, averaged 5.18mph, and with an "Active Virtual Partner" mode which puts you up against someone a little faster than you, can do my training no harm at all.

       If you are serious about training, I recommend one of these products. There are a few different types available, and with christmas come and gone maybe ebay has 2nd hand ones for a lot less. Mine was quite expensive, but I can pass results over the internet to all interested parties for analysis, and I walk alone so it gives me constant updsates where usually my mind can wander. It also has a guaranteed minimum 20 hour battery (if operated on correct settings) which gives me another Parish target... finish before the battery runs out! Serious walking can be smoothed out and analyzed and now its not just a case of going out for a walk and hoping it's worthwhile.

      I'm not at work til midday so i'm off out for a longer walk.


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