Friday, 21 January 2011

21st January 2010

              I was back at work in the Humber this morning, it was one of those moody winter days, grey and still with washed out sunshine, a nice day for a trip down the river. Immingham to sea, back home by 2pm.
        My coach is organizing a session in the morning, and, although I'm on standby, hoping to nip across to Lincolnshire for a couple of hours. He's coaching a promising couple of young lads as well, teenagers who seem pretty keen, and one teenage lad who's doing 52 minute 10k's and still improving so it's good to practise on the shorter distances with someone to try and keep up with. It is satisfying to see race walking attracting youngsters into it's ranks. Walking seems to have gone through a quiet patch over the last couple of decades, and a steady upsurge is most welcome. Although here in Yorkshire the numbers are only growing gradually, they are growing, and long may it continue. I still hope to get across for the March island winter 10k, looking at the photos it's amazing to see hundreds taking part, young and old, all enjoying the walk. It's a rare sight on the mainland with not enough publicity as in most sports here.

          I'm 99% certain to get across to the island on the 31st for a week, I'll be staying in Peel, and doing the usual walk to my dad's in Douglas, also planning on doing the sloc at some point with Helen, if not, she's on the route of the western 10 which is always a good back up. I've got to get back for the Yorkshire 10k though, which unfortunately is on the same day as the Island's winter league 10k. It's one or the other...

         Countdown? Just over 5 months to go. A long way, but it'll soon pass. Don't overdo it at first if you are thinking of competing for the first time. I do sometimes push a little too far myself, so rest days are important. The body needs training, but it also needs to recover from this training. Push too hard and you'll find yourself slowing down, suffering from cramps and muscle fatigue, and just getting bored with getting ready and going out every day. A few days off and you'll be eager to get the trainers on and put a few miles under your belt.

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