Monday, 24 January 2011

24th january 2010

          A rest day yesterday after Saturdays exhertions, although it is warm enough, (and petrol is expensive enough!) to get the bike out for work. It's 6 miles each way, and at a decent lick, about just under half an hour each way, it's an hours good exercise a day. And more calming. I'm usually a mild mannered person, but sitting in heavy traffic behind some of the idiots who managed to bluff their way into a motor vehicle gives me a mild attack of tourettes syndrome! We have a cycle path that goes most of the way from my house to King George Dock, and mp3 player on, it's relaxing, almost enjoyable. I am a little competitive though, and another cyclist on the path gives me an urge to go faster and get in front. Childish, I know, but I get a smug feeling as I pass.
         During rush hours, which seem to last most of the day here, it takes a good half hour to drive to work anyway, so I'm not really losing any time.
          It is a good form of cross training. Cycling works different muscles to speed walking, so the walking muscles aren't pushed so hard so have recovery time, while the body and heart are still getting their regular workout. I also go swimming once a week, another good form of cross training exercise, whilst running, not a favourite of mine, is yet another. I did refrain from cycling to work while it was icy and stalled at the sign of any cold weather so it needed a nice day to finally blow the cobwebs off the boneshaker and throw my bike clips on, but now I've been a couple of times it's all systems go. The only problem is coming home late at night. I finished work at midnight last night, and the bike home was quiet and easy, but when I arrived, I was wide awake from the exercise!
         Not good when it's bedtime...

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