Sunday, 30 January 2011

29th January 2010

             It's been a busy day, I finished work in the early hours, a few shorts hours sleep, then off to that there London for the Centurions Annual General Meeting to pick up a few things, which didn't go quite as planned. The trip to London was the usual panic... is my passport up to date, have I had all my shots etc. When I go to London, I usually fall off the bottom of the M1 and park up at Wembley then get the tube into central London. Unfortunately, most of the tubes were cancelled for some strange reason... I blame Boris Johnson! I could get as far as Euston, then it was an unplanned 4 mile "urban jungle parish training!" incorporating some pedestrian racing which was how my walking "career" started. Walking through the town, picking a fast walking target pedestrian, then keeping in front. It should be an Olympic sport...
            Anyway, I arrived a little late but was glad of the exercise, none planned for today, as I had just aquired my new pair of North Face Hedgehogs, my favourite trainers, a pair I had done not only two Parishes, my fastest two, but also the Centurion. The pair that the arse had recently fallen out of. They are lightweight, comfortable, strongly built, and are also goretex which make them shower proof keeping the feet dry. It gave me a chance to wear them in a little. I find that if you buy trainers from sports shops, then they are built as a fashion accessory and are not really made to last. I got these at Millets, where they are made for people who want to actually walk instead of just posing around town. The main conversation centres around the advantages of the Striding edge over the Swirrel edge of Helvellyn rather than which pubs you want to go in! Serious walking shoes...
          At the end of the day, they are built to last, be comfortable, and do the proper job. I know they will give me a couple of years good walking, and keep my feet dry. All an added bonus.
         By the by, I gratefully accepted Bernie's trophy for being the youngest Centurion, practising my Parish winners acceptance speech.. Only joking! I mumbled a few words of thanks then sat down with a free butty and a coffee, and wondered how I was going to get home! The Island was represented, not least by Centurion Committee member Charlie Weston, although during a break for refreshments I was asked by a few brothers which part of the Island I was from! I was a little disappointed to inform them that I was from Yorkshire, although having family from the Island, as I feel a kinship with the Island, I feel most comfortable there and regret not being manx. Anyhow, Yorkshire it is, for now.
I gratefully receive this trophy, blah, blah blah...

        Bernie should receive a special mention, at 29 she is by far the youngest Centurion, in a sport normally represented by veterans, and by veterans, I mean nearer my own age. It is a tremendous feat, and leaves me wondering what more she can achieve. The London Marathon coming up, but many more events in which to excell, and probably, more than possibly, a future Parish winner. 
       Back to work in the morning, a car carrier into Grimsby, but I'm on the ferry on Tuesday, weighed down with a fairly heavy trophy, and a few days catching up with friends and family. If anyone sees me while I'm across, mine's a guinness!



  1. You're missing Leeds at home !!!

    Ahem so am I !

    In an ideal world, the KC could be morphed into The Bowl, then I/you would have family / football and walking all together.

    Oh and Ash stays as captain.

  2. The one match this year I was looking forward to, but this was my only chance to get across. Ash has gone, and of an era. Nigel Pearson wants hjs own team I suppose...