Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19th January 2010

        Yet another hoax, fiddle, con, call it what you will, on the "health foods" account. The latest is the so called vitamin water which has claims on the bottle that it is "nutritious" and "cleansing". I've seen this in Asda, well over a pound a bottle, and it looks pretty convincing. Reality? It's made by the Coca cola company, a small bottle has the equivalent of 5 spoons of sugar in it, with barely more vitamins than other similar drinks. Not enough to be beneficial to health.
        The truth is, the health food sales area is a multi billion pound industry, and the companies involved are all too keen to exploit the unwary, willing to spend extra to put something healthy on their shopping list. They exploit the law and use fancy healthy looking packaging to appeal. If they reduce their fat content by less than a few percent, they put the words "Reduced Fat" in big letters. Low fat could still be packed with salt or sugar. Whatever, it's good to learn what allowances and ingredients are healthy, and to read the packaging. Either that, or buy all fresh produce and cook from scratch...

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