Sunday, 2 January 2011

2nd Jan 2010

          By now everyone should be over the effects of the new year revelries, and at least 50% of the country will have abandoned the new years resolutions. It's difficult here because the majority of people think chocolate in some form is a good present, so the house looks like a branch of Thornton's. Temptation, but stayed firm so far.
         I'll be back at work in the morning on the Humber, a long day, little exercise, and a seemingly endless supply of coffee which I'll try and avoid. Caffeine has a dehydrating effect, so the body, whilst taking on liquids in the shape of the coffee itself, loses water. this in turn makes you feel peckish, as I've said earlier, one of the early side effects of dehydration is feeling hungry. I'll have a couple of home made flapjacks in my bag, a couple of bottles of water, and maybe some glucose tablets for energy.
        As for exercise, I'll be getting up an hour early and a brisk 5 miles to the papershop and back, kick everything off and wake me up.

        If you are taking part in the Parish for the first time and haven't exercised in a while, it's a good idea to have a check up. Particular attention should be paid to blood pressure and cholesterol levels, a normal healthy adult on the outside can be different on the inside. If you are starting training now, (there are still almost 6 months to go so plenty of time) or are just inproving your current health in preparation, good fitting walking shoes and loose-ish clothing to allow the skin to breath, if you haven't exercised in a while there will be sweat. Build up gradually with short managable distances and rest every three or four days, or whenever you feel pain in the muscles or joints. Pushing too hard can cause long term damage. Warm up with stretches, especially hamstrings, calves and quads, and don't start straight off at a gallop, walk slowly and build up over a few minutes to get the blood circulating and warm up the muscles. On nearing the end of your walk, ease off and let the muscles cool off gradually, and a few more stretches when you've finished. Take enough water, and drink in sips, not all at once.
         If possible, you should be panting slightly and sweating a little (not gasping for breath, turning purple or getting dizzy, these are clues that you are trying too hard.) to benefit. Gradually building up over the weeks will push you further and make it easier.
      One more thing. try and find a like minded person to train with. You can motivate each other on those days when it looks cold and grey and you don't feel like bothering.

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