Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th January 2010

           Been a busy couple of days at work, although been lucky enough to get out for a quick 5 mile, sub 1 hour circuits, not training, just wake up, circulation starting, metabolism shake up stuff. Diet going well, being honest in the diary although the cook down at Spurn Point where we picked up the inbound ship had done a delicious smelling beef stew, took a lot of willpower but ended up with a banana, home made flapjack, and a green tea. Weights dropping nicely though, and feel good.

          Got home about 7 to find my christmas present to myself had arrived! I've been mainly training with a wrist mounted heart rate monitor, which, along with the university readings, helped me work out calories burned and liquid required. When I did the Centurion with Bernie Ball, she had a wrist mounted GPS which showed her speed and time per mile. I thought this was a good idea. Then, in the End to End, Richard Gerrard had a similar GPS, which showed us when we were slowing down and needed to pick up, but generally kept us informed of our rate, not too slowly, and quicker when we needed it. I started checking around, and decided on the Garmin Forerunner 310XT, and have just spent 3 hours setting it up. I'm like a kid with a new toy (literally!) and even though it's nearly midnight, I'm contemplating putting my trainers on and doing a quick 5 mile circuit. But, it's icy, late, I've had a glass of JD (120 calories for a large one, it all goes in the diary!) and work at lunchtime tomorrow, time for an early walk and I'll let you know how it goes. Probably all software gone t's up and frustration, we'll see.

Cheers, and goodnight!

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